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For over three decades, we’ve been weaving a tapestry of excellence through our appreciated services. Our journey is painted with the strokes of satisfaction, loyalty, and trust from all those who’ve experienced our commitment to excellence.


Comprehensive range of Carrier Split, VRF, and Chiller products

Authorized for Western Region Discover our wide array of Carrier Split, VRF, and Chiller products, catering to both industrial, commercial and residential needs in the Western Region.

Cutting-edge Toshiba VRF products

Excellence As an authorized channel partner, we bring you the full spectrum of premium Toshiba VRF products in the Western Region.

Innovations from 75 F Smart for enhanced solutions, BMS, IOT, Energy conservation.

Explore the future of smart solutions through our authorized channel partnership, offering the entire spectrum of 75F Smart Innovations in BMS, IOT, Energy optimization products in the Western Region.

Expertise in IAQ Management

IAQ Management is paramount for the health and comfort of office and building occupants. The significance of air quality has surged, especially with the impact of recent events like the Covid virus. At Fairair, we've taken proactive steps by installing MERV 13 air-filters and UVGI systems in existing AHUs across India. These enhancements, made with minimal modifications, contribute to a safer environment and align with our commitment to safeguarding health.

Tailored Fit-out & Base Building services

Expertise In commercial buildings, developers typically furnish basic air-conditioning infrastructure, including chillers, piping, AHUs, and ventilation systems. Fairair excels in providing cost-effective solutions for precise temperature control, distribution of conditioned air, and safety services like fire dampers, catering to fit-out needs of corporate offices, banks, and IT spaces. Our prowess extends to sales, installation, and servicing of base building air-conditioning equipment, with a clientele largely comprising esteemed developers.

Reliable AMC & Casual Jobs support

Efficient AMC & Services

Our success lies in dedicated after-sales care and satisfied customers. Our expert strong service team, supported by advanced data management, ensures excellence. Honored 21 times as “Best Service Team” by Carrier, our expertise shines.

Our Services:

  1. Non Comprehensive Maintenance Contract: Scheduled labor service, excluding parts.
  2. Comprehensive Maintenance: All-inclusive service with parts and labor.
  3. Quarterly Preventive Service: Checks, refrigerant levels, electrical inspections.
  4. Casual Jobs: Repairs, replacements, modifications, insulation.