Engineering Fairly

About Us

Over three decades of distinguished engineering excellence in the HVAC&R industry

Founded in 1988 by skilled engineers, our expertise spans HVAC & R systems, encompassing design, execution, and servicing. A strategic 2016 demerger led to two distinct entities: Fairair Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. for Delhi NCR, and Fairair Engineers (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd. for Mumbai / Pune / Hyderabad. While divided, our unwavering commitment, ownership and dedication remain constant. We proudly represent Carrier & Toshiba brands, authorized to offer a comprehensive range of commercial and industrial air conditioning solutions.

Our Locations

Our presence extends to Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad with established offices in each city.

Our Vision

Elevating Engineering standards with Integrity and Fairness at the core.

Our Mission

To passionately engineer innovative HVAC & R solutions while upholding the highest standards of integrity and fairness, ensuring optimal comfort, sustainability, and client satisfaction in every space we touch.

Fairair Engineers (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd., under the leadership of team of Directors stands as a beacon of engineering excellence. With a team of seasoned engineers, we have established a track record of delivering exceptional solutions

We take pride in our approach of nurturing a network of dedicated partners who share our commitment to quality. These trusted subcontractors handle specialized tasks with the same diligence as our own employees, ensuring installations meet our stringent standards.

Our service technicians, integral to our operations, undergo regular training to stay current with evolving products and technologies. Equipped with essential tools, mobile communication, and a proactive mindset, our technicians swiftly address issues, with routine concerns tackled promptly and significant matters, such as compressor replacement, managed efficiently within  best of industry standards.

At Fairair, we uphold a culture of excellence, emphasizing the importance of sourcing premium materials through trusted vendors. Our comprehensive annual maintenance scheme offers customers peace of mind, enabling trouble-free plant operation for the years ahead. Through our unwavering commitment to superior engineering and responsive service, we continue to set industry benchmarks.

We are among Carrier’s largest service dealers and maintain sufficient stocks of frequently needed spare parts at our own premises. The service technicians in the field are supported by courier boys who ensure that parts required to attend to the complaint on the same day are reached to them with minimum delay.

Our team boasts long-serving staff, many with over 25 years of dedicated service. Minimal team turnover grants us a unique advantage, as each employee’s wealth of experience equates to the expertise of two peers elsewhere

Operating debt-free, we’ve fostered strong relationships with suppliers and contractors through prompt payments, ensuring a harmonious partnership.

Backed by our skilled workforce and reliable network of contractors and suppliers, we possess the capability to undertake air conditioning projects of varying scales across country. Our commitment extends to efficient post-sales service, catering to our valued customers with prompt support.